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Top 7 destinations all 20-somethings need to visit


Now’s the time to ditch your desk jobs (at least for a week), and go experience the wonders of travel. There’s no better time than in your twenties to throw caution to the wind and experience the incredible world around you.

But what exotic destinations should you visit? Have no fear. Here’s my list of top destinations for 20-something travelers.

1. Spain

Want to party? Spain’s the place for you. Tapas + discotecas + churros and chocolate = the ultimate Spanish getaway.

2. New Zealand

Dream of visiting a land seemingly ripped from fantasy? Travel to New Zealand. Beaches + bungee jumping + Frodo = an unforgettable adventure to Middle Earth.

3. Costa Rica

Looking for some adventure in an ecological wonderland? Volcanoes + sea turtles + zip lining = your next adrenaline-packed escape.

4. China

Itching to experience a true cultural awakening? You have to visit China. The Great Wall + pandas + Szechuan peppers = an unforgettable sensory vacation.

5. Iceland

Are you a nature lover? Then Iceland’s the place for you. Geysers + the Aura Borealis + natural hot springs = a pure introduction to the natural world.

6. Peru

Need to take in some history to justify a long spring break? Machu Picchu + Inti Raymi + llamas = an A+ vacation.

7. Vietnam

Love food? Go to Vietnam. Rivers of motorbikes + endless pho + lavish temples = a delicious introduction Southeast Asian culture. (Don’t just take our word for it, take Anthony Bourdain’s)

There’s no better time to travel the world than in your twenties. Experiencing new cultures, people, and customs will broaden your mind, and stay with you for the rest of your life. So now’s the time to get out and travel!

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