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Why save your vacation days for the summer? Travel during the off-season!

Forget springtime in Paris and summer in Santorini. Off-season is the new hot time to visit your favorite European destinations. More and more travelers are ditching their summer vacations and opting to visit their favorite cities throughout the winter months.

From November to March, Europe takes on an entirely new persona. Gone are the large crowds, humid days, and high prices — leaving only the true cultures, histories, and sights of each destination for you to enjoy. If you’re interested in experiencing some hidden, off-season gems of Europe, here are just some of my reasons why the off-season is the perfect time to travel.

Sightsee at a fraction of the price. It’s no secret that off-season travel often means lower prices. Not only will travelers save on airfares, tours, and accommodations, but they’ll often find that restaurants, shops, and bars in high-tourist areas are also less expensive. This can help significantly pare down a tight travel budget. Also keep a lookout for bundled tours that take place during the off-season. Tour operators often make the most out of seasonal pricing and share the savings with travelers. By saving on the essentials, travelers can splurge on extra special events, like enjoying a Champagne dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower or taking a dip in Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, making their trips even more memorable.

Avoid the crowds at your favorite attractions. Every destination has a list of must-see attractions that all travelers have to hit before returning home. While the Louvre and the Colosseum are quintessential European sights, they’re often flooded with tourists during the peak season. Instead of spending your vacation staring at the Mona Lisa from six rows back, why not visit during the off-season? You could wander the alleyways of Venice without maneuvering a heavy current of sightseers, or walk right to the front of the line at the London Eye. Off-season travel allows visitors to intimately experience world-famous sites, without the throngs of others.    

Embrace the changing seasons. A trip during off-season months allows travelers to see the beauty of a nation throughout the changing seasons. London, for example, while lovely in summer, offers a completely different atmosphere during the winter. The Brits have an all-consuming love of Christmas, and they transform the city from a bustling metropolis to a winter wonderland — complete with popup ice skating rinks, Christmas galas, and Dickens-esque carolers. Traveling during the off-season allows visitors to experience all sides of a culture and the true heart of a people.

If you’re interested in booking an off-season trip to Europe, now’s your chance! We’re currently running a discount on our off-season travel packages, but this offer ends Oct. 2 — so book soon. If you want to experience a new side of Europe, one that embraces the true essence of the European culture, then it’s time to shake up your travel schedule. Now’s your chance to visit new cities, meet new people, and drink in our amazing world.

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