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The Grannies on Safari’s Cuban Adventure, Part 1: Meeting the people of Cuba

LIFE-SIZE ART: Regina and Pat saw this work of art in Cuba

Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson have returned from their trip to Cuba sponsored by Friendly Planet Travel! For the unacquainted, Regina and Pat are the stars of the PBS TV series, “Grannies on Safari,” sponsored by AARP.

We recently interviewed Regina and Pat for our blog, and they gave us the inside scoop on what their trip to Cuba was like, how they enjoyed their people-to-people experience, and how the trip to Cuba exceeded their expectations.

We’re sharing that interview here — even before their show airs! Since there was so much to talk about, I decided to split our podcast into four installments, and I’m excited to give you the first one below.


Regina and Pat’s trip was made possible through People-to-People licensing, which allows Americans to travel to Cuba to promote contact with Cuban people through educational exchanges concerning art, music, culture, and more. Stay tuned for more updates from the Grannies on Safari’s Cuban adventure.


  1. I traveled with Friendly Planet in June to Cuba on the Discover Havanna tour. Alejandro was our guide, as a matter of fact, they talked about the upcoming Grannies on Safari shoot. Cuba is a wonderful country and I, too, enjoyed meeting the people and seeing all of the sights and sounds of Cuba. Everything seemed authentic and not just designed for the tour! I agree with everything the Grannies have to say. The people of Cuba are wonderful and change is clearly in the air.

  2. Thank you Claudia S….this is Granny Regina. We loved Alejandro!! All of think the type of tour we were on with Friendly Planet is exactly the experience people should have when seeing this wonderful country. We made many friends while there and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Becca, Ali and Peggy for a meaningful experience.

  3. Hi Claudia! Thanks so much for your kind words about our Cuba tour. We’re glad you enjoyed it, and have been tuning into the Grannies on Safari coverage of their trip as well. If you’d like, feel free to call us at 800-555-5765 to chat with Becca, who handles our Cuba reservations, about your trip and to leave a testimonial for our website. Thanks! –Peggy G.


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