11 best Friday’s Friendly Funnies of 2011

A lot of terrific things have happened at Friendly Planet Travel within the past year. I shared “Seven Exotic Locations for the Price of a Vegas Weekend” at The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show in January; we’ve expanded our tour offerings, which now include destinations like Namibia and Madagascar; and we added a build-your-own-cruise booking engine to our website.

Through it all, we’ve been showcasing the hilarity of the travel industry with Friday’s Friendly Funny every week. So we’re looking back on the year’s best cartoons to see why some aspects of travel simply make us laugh out loud.

We saw that some take getting that coveted poolside seat a little too seriously.

We were privy to the lengths that some people will go to for fashion.

It can be hard to make your suitcase distinguishable, as we learned here.

Technology has made it easier then ever to be connected all the time. Even though we know that to enjoy a destination, you have to disconnect, some travelers haven’t learned their lesson.

On Feb. 25, it became obvious that overpacking for trip can be a heavy burden to bear.

It became obvious that it’s important to enjoy your surroundings and not your phone when traveling, for the sake of you and those around you.

Tipping well is not something to be skimped on during your travels, as noted on May 6.

The Friendly Funny from June 10 made us think about how perfect some destinations truly are — it does feel like you’re in heaven!

A travel industry pun always makes me laugh, and I got a good chuckle out of this play on words.

Although I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the Venetian Lagoon, we saw that it’s to each his own when it comes to what they want to do on vacation.

And we learned those hotel room appliances can be downright confusing.

I hope you enjoyed the Friday’s Friendly Funnies from 2011 and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2012. What was your favorite Friday’s Friendly Funny this year?

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