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Earn $100 when you refer a friend to Friendly Planet Travel

Starting today, friendliness is paying dividends because we’re introducing our new Refer-a-Friend program.

Here’s how it works. If you’ve traveled with us in the past, every time you refer a new traveler to Friendly Planet Travel, we’ll send you a $100 credit to use on any tour or tour and cruise packages.

Refer two friends, and you’ll earn $200. And so on. Even better, there’s no limit to the number of credits you can earn, as long as you refer travelers who have never traveled with us before.

And your friends will earn great benefits too. Every referred traveler who books a tour or tour and cruise package will enjoy an instant $100 discount off his or her first booking.

So why are we introducing this new program now? When we set up shop in 1981, we never imagined we would be sending thousands of people to so many exotic destinations throughout the world. Back then, our travelers couldn’t search for us on Google nor could we post deals to our Facebook wall. But that didn’t stop us from growing.

We kept growing because a significant percentage of our new business did and still does come from your referrals. And in celebration of our 30 years in business this year, we want to say thank you with this new referral program. It’s a big milestone for us, and we couldn’t have reached it without you.

Jump over to the Refer-a-Friend page to get all the nitty-gritty details. Then start earning your travel credits by telling your family and friends about Friendly Planet’s affordable deals to the world’s most desirable destinations. Together, we hope that 2011 will be our best year ever!

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