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Seven exotic locations for the price of a Vegas weekend

When I was at The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show, I got the opportunity to present attendees with “Seven Exotic Locations for the Price of a Vegas Weekend.” The response I got was overwhelming. The room filled up to standing room only for the entire 30 minutes! I felt like I was on American Idol.

When I got another opportunity to present at The New York Times Travel Show the following month, I knew I had to share these locations with this new crowd. Unfortunately, I only had 15 minutes to speak, so I trimmed the presentation down to five exotic locations.

After both presentations, travelers flooded Friendly Planet Travel’s booth with questions about these destinations, and I answered every single one. It seemed this topic struck a chord with travelers. Good thing we got it all on camera. 🙂

In case you missed it, here is my presentation at The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show on “Seven Exotic Locations for the Price of a Vegas Weekend.” Hit play, and if you have any questions, leave them in a comment on this post and I will respond.

Coming up is the video of my second presentation from The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show on “How to Compare Travel Offers for the Best Value.” Stay tuned for the footage.


  1. Melissa Klar

    I really like your company, I have been watching it for years, in competition with Smart Travel. The only thing is that there are so many hidden expenses, that you really don’t save much, by the time you add on the best things to do, it ends up being really no bargain.

  2. Hi Melissa, I’m so surprised to read this post. WE post every single cost associated with a tour on our website, so that there are actually no “hidden” expenses at all. Perhaps you could give us a call, and we could review the pricing for any tour that you are interested in booking. I can assure you that our intention is to be 100% transparent and never hide anything. Our toll free # is 800-555-5765 and we’ll gladly review any tours and pricing with you. Peggy G.


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