Travel gadgets to get you comfortable up in the air

If your travel plans this holiday season include a long, international flight, chances are it’s going to be crowded. In the U.S. alone, 43.6 million people are expected to use air travel this winter holiday period, up 3 percent over 2009. But crowded airplanes inevitably mean noisy passengers.

So how do you block out the noise around you to listen to your music and movies, or get some shut eye? In my search for the perfect travel gear, I found a few gadgets that will help cancel out the sound around you and get you comfortable in your seat.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. I’m sure you’ve seen fellow travelers slide these headphones on in the airport and as soon as you can turn on your electronics in flight. They cover your ears completely and block out all sound around you.

They might look big and bulky, but are unexpectedly lightweight and comfortable. And I can’t forget to mention that the sound quality from Bose is superb. Crisp, clear sound will make you feel like you’re in a theater. You can try them on at any electronic store and you’ll quickly see why they’re so popular and worth the hefty price tag. Available online for $299.95.

Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones. If you prefer earphones to headphone and your budget permits you a special splurge, these little ones will do the trick. They deliver spacious sound with rich bass while isolating the noise around you. Available in clear or metallic, these earphones also come with a detachable cable for easy replacement if the cables get damaged.

To get the noise isolation, the earbuds have to fit just right. But don’t worry, included are sound isolating sleeves in three different sizes to ensure a customized fit as well as a handy airline adapter that’s compatible with European airplane armrests. Available online for $582.93.

Dreamsacks Airline Comfort Sack. Now that you’ve gotten the noise taken care of, it’s time to get comfortable with a blanket, pillowcase, and eye shade. Unless you plan to fly business or first class, chances are you won’t see any of these items for free on your flight.

And you won’t have to waste precious carry-on space by bringing on these useful amenities, because everything in the Comfort Sack rolls into a 12 inch bag that is less than a pound to carry. Snuggle up in your seat with these accessories and you’ll be resting in no time.

The silk blanket is 43 inches by 72 inches with a 10-inch pocket to tuck your feet in to stay warm. The silk pillowcase is 15 inches by 20 inches, the same size as a typical airline pillow. And the silk eye shade blocks out the light. Available online for $59.00.

Any one of these three items will help make traveling a little more quiet and peaceful. Have any other suggestions that would make traveling smoother? Leave them in a comment on this post.

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  1. Now that some airlines are charging for pillows and blankets while some airlines are no longer even offering them. I think the Dreamsacks Airline Comfort Sack is a great idea for the travelers and very reasonalbly priced. Imay even get one for myself.


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