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Hello everyone, I’m Mary, the newest Friendly Planet blogger

Me paddling in the Florida Keys

Greetings Friendly Planeteers! I’m Mary Burnham, travel writer, kayak guide, book author, and now, the newest Friendly Planet blogger.

I’ve written about travel topics and trends for all types of publications, and I’m very excited to get started and blog for Friendly Planet. I’ll share with you the hottest new travel destinations, the latest gadgets and gizmos, and tips for planning your next adventure.

For the last 15 years, my husband, Bill, and I have combined our love of travel, adventure, writing, and photography into a career. We write and travel, and write about our travels.

We specialize in hiking, paddling, and off-the-beaten-path travel, from kayaking the length of the Florida Keys, biking inn to inn over the Blue Ridge mountains, to hiking the Albanian Alps.

We’ve published eight books, including “Hiking Virginia” and “The Florida Keys Paddling Atlas,” both National Outdoor Book Award winners. Between writing, we guide kayak trips on the Eastern Shore of Virginia spring through fall, while winter finds us in the Florida Keys. Our personal favorite trip — the 100-mile paddle from Key Largo to Key West.

I want to thank Peggy Goldman for inviting me to become part of her fantastic organization, and more importantly, her wonderful blog. So let’s start our conversation. What would you like to know more about? Don’t hesitate to e-mail me and I won’t hesitate to tell you everything I know about traveling.

This is Friendly Planet Travel

Welcome to the Friendly Planet Travel blog!

You’re probably familiar with our Web site, and in the not too distant future, we’ll have a new design to share with you. It will have many new features for travelers, such as a powerful booking engine that will make it possible for you to custom configure every aspect of your journey.

Even in this economy, we’re investing in people, technology, and services that support and improve your experience. This includes working closely with our partners to keep our exotic travel more affordable than anywhere else, on or off the web.

This new blog is part of that effort. It’s a great way to stay in touch with you, and share our thoughts, travel advice, news about upcoming trips, money-saving tips, and more. I hope you’ll set a bookmark or subscribe via RSS, and participate in the give-and-take that is the hallmark of any blog.

I have a few topics topping my agenda. I’ll be kicking things off by answering some of the questions we hear most from travelers, such as:

* Why are your prices so low???
* What are some of your best deals?
* Can I talk to some of your customers?
* How did you get in to the group travel business?

We’re going to answer these questions and more. For example, I’ll share the philosophy that drives the process we use to create affordable exotic travel packages, without cutting corners or skimping on amenities.

I’ll also take you inside some upcoming Friendly Planet Travel tours to explore every delicious detail of our exotic experiences, which rival or exceed the most expensive tours offered elsewhere.

And if you’ve joined us on a Friendly Planet Travel tour, you’re invited to share your story with the world right here. There’s no better way to describe how an affordable Friendly Planet Travel tour is unlike any other, than to hear it from someone who has actually been there, done that!

I hope you’ll stay tuned and stay engaged with us here, because just like our tours, this new blog is going to be an adventure for us all.