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Travel insurance versus travel protection. What should you do?

If you’re considering travel insurance for a trip that you’ve booked (and you should), there are a few key vocabulary words that might seem like common sense, but could snag you up in the end. Particularly, the difference between the words "insurance" and "protection." At first glance, you might not think there’s much difference between the two. But there is, and it’s significant.

To put it simply, travel protection providers offer cheaper policies than travel insurers for coverage that appears to be about the same. The trade-off? Travel protection is not regulated by the state. That means that when it comes down to it, the company you purchased protection from could refuse to pay your claim, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Concerned about whether your policy is the real deal? The Internet is your best friend, because every state insurance commissioner has a Web site that provides all the information you could need. Travel organizations will also provide information about insurance providers, including ASTA.

If you purchase coverage through the company that booked your trip, find out what due diligence that company has done regarding insurance providers. To be safe, travelers should always buy travel insurance and not the travel protection offered by a supplier.

That’s why we only work with major insurance providers, and are always ready to follow up every claim if needed to be sure the passenger is properly protected. It’s what I sign up for when I travel, so I’m always sure our customers are offered the same services.

Just like all the components of our group tour packages, the insurance rates we offer are low. Most of our passengers pay anywhere from $99 to $129 per person. If you have any other questions about travel insurance, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.