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Recapping our Facebook travel chat with special guest Reid Bramblett

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our latest Facebook travel chat. Reid Bramblett and I had a great time answering your questions, debating travel best practices, and sharing our travel know-how. I want to recap the Q-and-A here on the blog for anyone who missed it.

Q: How is Friendly Planet able to send people to Cuba? Isn’t there an embargo against Americans visiting the island?

Peggy: The answer is a new license called ‘People to People’ which enables us to send American travelers to Cuba to engage in educational and cultural exchanges. This means that in Cuba you get to do all the things that you would long to do in any international destination — meet real Cubans, see how they live, work, study, and generally live their lives — in addition to visiting the important sites on the island.

Q: Hi there, I love history and learning when I travel, what would be some great historical places in Europe to visit that might be a bit off the beaten path or not as widely known as say, Stonehenge or the Colosseum?

Reid: It sounds like you’re interested in ancient sites, and Europe is full of them. For example, the Irish version of Stonehenge is Newgrange, a gorgeous passage tomb just an hour north of Dublin. The west coast of Ireland is filled with Celtic ruins as well. This year is a great time to visit Ireland because of the Gathering. There are many activities celebrating Irish heritage throughout the country. I recommend the Fleadh Nua in Ennis, the most participatory of the Irish music festivals.

As for an alternative to the Colosseum, the south of Italy is filled with ancient Roman and Greek ruins (much of it was once part of greater Greece), from ancient amphitheaters to temples. (more…)

Join us for our next Facebook travel chat with special guest Reid Bramblett!

Do you have questions about travel, and you’re just not sure whom to ask? Well, why not ask the man who wrote the book? We’re hosting our next Friendly Planet Travel Facebook chat, and this time around, special guest Reid Bramblett will be joining us! This chat will be on Thursday, March 14 at 3 p.m. EST on Friendly Planet’s Facebook page.

Reid Bramblett has authored or contributed to more than 30 guidebooks, and has worked as a travel editor at Frommer’s, Budget Travel, and He’s also appeared on various news and cable television shows; spoken at the Smithsonian; and is the man behind, a comprehensive travel advice website. With all these credentials, Reid is the perfect person to join us for our next travel chat!

I’ll be chiming in with Reid to help answer your questions and share travel advice. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some questions that we’ve gotten in the past:

  • When is the best time of year to visit Italy?
  • What types of things should I do in my spare time in South Africa?
  • Is there any way to avoid single supplement fees when booking a cruise?
  • If I want to get the best deal on airfare to Europe, how far in advance should I book?
  • Is it possible for me to visit Cuba legally?

Make your list of travel questions and join us for answers, insights, and more. We can’t wait to see you there!