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A Friendly Planet Travel podcast with WNWR’s Barry Reisman

As you might have noticed, Peggy’s been making the rounds recently with a few travel shows on the Philadelphia air waves and beyond. Earlier this month, she appeared on Ralph Collier’s "Tours and Detours" on the WRTI Classical Network. Then, she popped over for a chat with WNRW’s Barry Reisman on his radio show "Dining and Destinations."

Well, I’ve been following quickly in her wake to turn the tables on these iconic Philadelphia radio hosts. Last week, I published my interview with Ralph Collier, and today I welcome you to hit play below to catch my most recent interview with the ever-pleasant Barry Reisman.

As I mentioned before, Barry is the host of his show "Dining and Destinations" on Philadelphia’s AM-1540. During each hour-long segment, Barry interviews experts and discusses food, travel, and other aspects of "the good life."

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with Barry and do the question-asking. So tune in to find out how Barry did in the hot seat!


A friendly chat with WRTI’s legendary Ralph Collier

If you know me, you know how much I love to talk to people who love to talk about travel. So when Peggy had the chance to talk to Ralph Collier, I couldn’t wait to turn the tables on him. Ralph is the host of the radio program “Tours and Detours,” which you can tune into weekdays at 9:58 a.m. on the WRTI Classical Network or online at You can find the WRTI station for your area on the Web site. Ralph also writes his own travel column, titled “Tours and Detours,” for the Main Line Times.

I had a wonderful time speaking with Ralph, and I hope you enjoy our latest Friendly Planet Travel podcast. Tune in below to hear all about Ralph’s history in the radio biz, his favorite way to travel, his suggestions for a great vacation “off the beaten path,” and more.