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Should you bring jewelry on vacation?

I’ve given a lot of advice to my customers on what they should and shouldn’t pack when traveling on one of our tours. One question I get asked frequently by women is whether they should pack their jewelry.

My answer is yes and no. Bring the less expensive pieces so you can still accessorize and dress up, but leave the pricey jewels at home. It’s not worth the risk. The last thing you want to do is spoil your trip if you lose expensive jewelry or someone swipes it from you.

In fact, it’s no secret that even on the fanciest of luxury cruises, many of the world’s rich and famous wear fake jewels. Plus, when you travel with Friendly Planet, you’re visiting some of the most exotic locations in the world where you can buy unique pieces of jewelry. Look at your trip as a way to expand your jewelry collection. 😉

While I’m on the topic of accessories, let’s talk handbags. I can’t leave my house without my purse, let alone the country. The last thing you want to do — whether on vacation or at home — is put it down or hang it on the back of your chair at a restaurant and lose track of it. My trick is to carry a purse hook in my bag.

It’s a small, lightweight hook that latches on to the table you’re sitting at. Place the handles of your bag on it. Now your purse is hanging under the table next to your legs, rather than on the ground or on the back of a chair. The hook costs only a few dollars and is well worth it.

It’s little tips like these that make packing for a vacation less stressful. If you have other questions about what you should or shouldn’t pack, write to me or post a comment. Also, check out some of the packing tips we’ve been getting on our Space Bag TO GO contest.

We’re asking people to share their best packing tips to enter to win one of eight Space Bags TO GO. If you want to share yours, go to the original post and leave a comment. All of the details are there. You just might be one of our lucky winners!