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New 2011 departure dates announced for Friendly Planet’s Pyramids and Nile Cruise

It’s finally easier to get a seat on Friendly Planet Travel’s signature tour to Egypt. Almost every tour sold out in 2010, so we’re jam-packing the beginning of 2011 with nine new departure dates for the Pyramids and Nile Cruise. They include: Jan. 12, Jan. 26, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, March 9, March 16, April 6, April 27, and May 4.

Egypt’s contrast of ancient treasures and contemporary cities has made it one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. It’s pyramids, temples, and architecture are just the tip of the iceberg. So we’ve put together nine first-class tours highlighting the most desirable sites and exotic locales Egypt has to offer.

Starting in the cosmopolitan city of Cairo, you stay on the bank of the Nile River in the Ramses Hilton or Cairo Sheraton hotel. Here you’re just a short drive from the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Seeing these elaborate structures that were built by man 46 centuries ago will take your breath away.

Next fly to Luxor and walk the Temple of Karnak, one of the most overwhelming monuments of the Pharaonic legacy, and Luxor Temple. Then board the five-star Tamr Henna ship and settle into your outside balcony cabin.

From there you begin your luxury excursion down the Nile River. The first stop is in Esna to see the Valley of the Kings and the Deir El Bahari mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut. After Esna comes Edfu, home to the Temple of Horus, Egypt’s best-preserved temple.

Continue sailing to Kom Ombo to the Temple of Kom Ombo. It overlooks the Nile and features fascinating drawings on the walls, including detailed drawings of surgical instruments. Lastly, you’ll disembark in Aswan to enjoy a tour by felucca. It’s a swift Egyptian sailboat that takes you around Elephantine Island, once the center of modern Aswan.

Head back to Cairo by air to sightsee in the cosmopolitan city or take advantage of an optional guided tour of Old Cairo. If your time and budget permits, why not opt for the extension to the Lost City of Petra in Jordan. You’ll roam the Monastery and Treasury at Petra, the Amman Citadel, the Roman Amphitheater, and more with your English-speaking guide along to explain the highlights of this amazing site.

Packaged in the price, from just $2,099, are roundtrip flights from New York (JFK) via EgyptAir; five-star hotel accommodations at the Ramses Hilton or Cairo Sheraton; four nights aboard the five-star Tamr Henna ship in outside balcony cabin; all internal flights; ground transportation and transfers, with assistance and porterage; daily breakfast buffet and all meals aboard the cruises; comprehensive sightseeing programs, including a half-day in Cairo featuring the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, and all touring on the Nile cruise; and professional, English-speaking local tour guides.

Although we just announced these additional departure dates, we expect them to sell out quickly. Don’t wait long to reserve your spot! If you want to experience Egypt, book the nine-day Pyramids and Nile Cruise for $2,099 by Oct. 20.

To enjoy a longer stay in cruise including a 7-night Nile cruise, Friendly Planet also offers the 12-day Treasures of Egypt tour for $2,199. Also available is the eight-day Pyramids and Petra tour for $1,799, which offers a taste of Egypt’s antiquities in and around Cairo plus a visit to Amman, Jordan’s capital and the amazing Petra.

If you have any questions, visit our website for the full itineraries of each tours. And as always, feel free to write to me or call 1-800-555-5765 and speak to our reservations team.

Three Egypt tours fit for a Pharaoh

There are few places in the world with more mystery and majesty than Egypt. The contrast of ancient treasures and modern marvels is what tempts travelers year after year.

The one conundrum travelers find themselves in is this: With over 46 centuries of history, there’s so much to see and do in Egypt. That’s why we offer more tours to Egypt than any other country. Right now we’re discounting all of them.

But don’t let the prices fool you. You’ll feel like a Pharaoh staying in five-star hotels in the heart of Cairo, and touring the most elaborate pieces of structure built by man.

Here are Friendly Planet’s Egypt tours.

Pyramids and Nile Cruise. Stand in the shadow of the Sphinx and gaze at the pyramids of Giza on this $1,699, nine-day tour. Walk the temples at Luxor and Edfu, visit King Tut’s tomb, old Cairo, and more. Then relax on a luxury excursion down the Nile River on the Tamr Henna for four nights. If you want more, an optional four-day extension to Petra is available.

Pyramids and Petra. On this eight-day, $1,699 tour, embark on an inspired exploration of the pyramids of Egypt, the oldest and only standing Ancient Wonder of the World. Stroll through the world-famous Khan El Khalili bazaars to try your hand at bargaining for unique jewelry and clothing. Then cast your eyes on the remarkable lost city of Petra in Jordan, one of the Seven New Ancient Wonders of the World.

While you’re in the neighborhood, take advantage of the four-day Dead Sea extension. There’s no other place in the world where you can float (without a raft!) in the saltiest and lowest body of water on Earth. Even better, it’s said that the mineral-filled seawater can take years off your skin. 😉

Treasures of Egypt. And if you want more than a week in Egypt, this 12-day, $2,099 tour will satisfy your appetite. Be mesmerized by Egypt’s sweeping natural beauty on land, then board the M/S Tulip for a seven-night Nile River Cruise. You’ll dock at Edfu, Aswan, Kom Ombo, and more. While at port, wander the world’s greatest open air museum at Luxor and tour Abu Simbel, the site of the Great Temple of Ramses II and one of the most magnificent of all temples in Egypt.

Here’s what’s include in the prices: roundtrip flights from New York (JFK) via EgyptAir, fuel surcharges, arrival and departure transfers, all intra-Egypt flights and group transportation, superior hotels, many meals, comprehensive sightseeing tour programs, English-speaking tour guides, and much more.

To lock in these prices, book the Pyramids and Nile Cruise by June 16, Pyramids and Petra by June 2, and Treasures of Egypt by June 23. I can assure you of one thing. You’ll be itching to return to Egypt after just one visit.

For complete details about the tours, itineraries, and their extensions, visit the website. If you have any lingering questions, write to me directly.

Where did Jesus really walk?

If you’re a spiritual person, you understand how deeply religion permeates the lives of people throughout the world. Imagine then, being given the chance to put down the Bible and physically experience the sights, smells, and sounds described on those very pages.
In addition to our popular international destinations that sell out quickly, an equally popular traveling experience is our journeys to the Holy Lands. Christian groups in particular contact us to help them design the perfect trip for their congregation or church group, to experience the lands where Jesus once walked and ministered.
As you probably know, every Christian denomination has its own unique way of observing its faith. For example, Catholics believe Jesus was resurrected from Calvary, which is now within the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Many Protestant denominations want to visit the Garden Tomb, widely considered to be Jesus’ burial place. Seventh Day Adventist groups schedule their worship services on the Jewish Sabbath, rather than on Sunday. And so on.
Every denomination experiences Jesus’ life in the Holy Land differently. That’s why, while we’ve carefully designed our tours to include the all relevant places to Christian travelers, we also give our pilgrims the chance to customize their trips. We understand completely the commitment and emotional investment a traveler makes in choosing a pilgrimage, and we go to great lengths to design and operate our tours so that they provide an experience that is at once deeply spiritual and rewarding, as a vacation should be.
At the same time, we calculate prices with a razor sharp pencil, knowing that we must be excellent stewards of our passengers’ resources. A Holy Land group tour that is booked with Friendly Planet will be as inexpensive as it is rewarding. That’s a commitment we’ve kept for 30 years, and we’ve got plenty of pastors and their congregations who’ll vouch that we keep our commitments.
Our specialty Holy Lands tours center around a nine day itinerary that typically begins in the north with a night in Tel Aviv or vicinity upon arrival, then continues through the Galilee and then up to Jerusalem, usually the highlight of the trip. The program encompasses the perfect blend of breathtaking natural scenery, incredible historical sites, and awe-inspiring religious significance. A perfect journey of Biblical discovery and spiritual renewal is the goal for every group, where the Bible comes alive for all.
Here’s how it works. We help each group plan its ideal itinerary. While nine days is the most popular tour length, the itinerary can be extended to include more of Israel or other countries in the region, such as Jordan, with visits to Petra and Mt. Nebo, and Egypt. Once the details are clear, we will prepare a costing based on all the desired features, including the most convenient gateway for the group. Once everything is agreed upon, we’ll create an attractive web page which we post on our website, so that the group can easily provide information to everyone who is going and for those who are just considering.
Pastors and tour leaders typically value this free exposure, and they use the Web page as a promotional tool to help recruit travelers. A special, personalized registration form is provided for every group, and group members have the option to book on line, by mail, or by telephone.
Our group tour leaders especially appreciate our service to them in every phase of the tour. We collect deposits and final payments, arrange for everything from flights, transfers, hotels, meals, special requests, even tipping. Group leaders can look to us to take care of all the details, so that they have plenty of time to recruit their group and then enjoy the tour.
The most recent Israel and Jordan tour took advantage of nine days of touring for just $2,380. And as with every Friendly Planet Travel vacation, the prices don’t skimp on the details. They include roundtrip airfare, fuel surcharges, great hotels, transfers, many meals, touring, and more.
Destinations and tours for a personalized Israel/Jordan tour include Bethlehem; the Church of the Nativity; the Church of the Visitation; the Church of John the Baptist; Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found; the Shrine of the Book, and the newly restored model of Jerusalem from the Second Temple Period; Mount of Olives; the Garden of Gethsemane; the Church of All Nations; the Old City of Jerusalem; the Western Wall; the Byzantine Cardo; St. Anne’s Church; the Crypt of Mary; the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; Mount Zion; the traditional burial site of King David; the Room of the Last Supper; the Garden Tomb; Calvary; the Dead Sea; Galilee; the Church of St. Peter; the Mount of Beatitudes, the site of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount; the Heptagon Church at Tabgha, where Jesus performed the Miracle of Loaves and Fish; and many, many more
As with all Friendly Planet Travel packages, prices includes airfare from the group’s gateway city, fuel charges, all group transfers, superior hotel accommodations, buffet breakfast and dinner daily, comprehensive touring, and more. To book or for more information on any Holy Lands tours, please visit the Friendly Planet Travel Web site, or contact us.

Customer testimonial: Walk where Jesus walked

Customer feedback is always important to us at Friendly Planet travel. But we received a customer testimonial over the weekend that simply tickled us pink, because it came from a group leader.
This particular group wanted a custom tour to Isreal with an added Egypt extension to the program. We managed to route the tour for them so they could also visit Jordan, while keeping the price at less than the best price they were quoted by other agencies for the Holy Land alone.
We worked with them to create an experience that I hope they’ll never forget, and judging from the feedback from the tour leader, they were a very happy group. Here it is, verbatim:
"The best travel tour I had so far. Friendly Planet made it so easy for all of us 53 tourist. The way they put it together with all the connections between countries, the hotels, buses and different tourist guides was so impressive and we felt pampered the whole time. We really had a grand time. Thank you very much for making it an experience of a lifetime.
— Emmanuel Lacson, Group Organizer, Hinsdale, Ill."

Frommer’s features Friendly Planet Travel

Frommer’s pointed to Friendly Planet Travel in their “Frommer’s 5 Deals” today. Thanks, Frommer’s!
Our Pyramids and Petra vacation got the nod as one of the best deals available for our eight-day tour of Egypt and Jordan for only $1799.
The tour takes Friendly Planeteers to the Pyramids of Egypt, the oldest and only Ancient Wonder of the World still standing, and the remarkable lost city of Petra in Jordan, one of the Seven New Ancient Wonders of the World. These two sites are testimony to the perfection of design, architecture, engineering, and artistry of two historic cultures.
Plus, the option of our Dead Sea extension gives travelers the opportunity to revel in the luxury of a 5-star spa hotel at the shore of the world’s lowest body of water.
For more information on the Pyramids and Petra tour, including the touring program, optional additional tours in Egypt and Jordan, and FAQs about the destination, take a look at the trip’s page on the Friendly Planet Travel Web site.