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Did you win our Great Greece Giveaway? Find out!

Greece is truly a destination of a lifetime, one filled with ancient marvels, world-class beaches, and warm and welcoming people. For that reason, I’m not surprised by the outpouring of excitement that we received around our Great Greece Giveaway. We collected more than 12,982 entries, and out of all of those submissions, one lucky traveler will win a free trip for two on our nine-day Athens & 4 Day Greek Isles Cruise tour!

The winner and a guest can spend a morning sipping Greek coffee in Athens’ Plaka district, and hike to the top of the ancient Acropolis in the afternoon. They’ll sail to Mykonos and wander a maze of winding alleyways and whitewashed villas, and stumble upon hidden shops and tavernas. After a stop on the island Patmos, where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation, they’ll sail on to Rhodes to explore an island famed for its history, and visit the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe. Finally, the trip will end in Santorini where the winner will lounge under orange-striped umbrellas on black sand beaches.

The Great Greece Giveaway winner will experience all of that and more!

The randomly selected winner of our Great Greece Giveaway is …


Announcing the winner of our Exotic Malaysia & Thailand Sweepstakes

Can you believe it? It’s time to announce yet another winner of a free Friendly Planet tour! This one has to be one of my favorites: our Win Exotic Malaysia & Thailand Sweepstakes will award one lucky traveler a free trip for two on our Exotic Borneo & Bangkok tour.

Our winner will get to explore the fascinating culture, natural beauty, and unique history of these Southeast Asian destinations. Whether it’s walking the streets of Bangkok in Thailand, a bustling metropolis with to-die-for cuisine, or exploring Borneo in Malaysia, where a mosaic of indigenous tribes, intriguing history, ancient rainforests, and diverse wildlife await — trust me, this winner is lucky indeed.

Are you ready to find out who this winner is? Here it comes! The winner of our Exotic Malaysia & Thailand Sweepstakes is …

Sara Morgan from Oregon — Congratulations!

We called Sara to let her know about her prize, and she was so sweet. She loves traveling to explore different cultures and experience new things, but doesn’t get the opportunity to do so often. She’s never been to Asia, and works with some Asian species of bears in her role at a zoo, so she’s looking forward to getting to see them in person! She’ll be taking her husband on her exciting adventure to Southeast Asia!

Congratulations again, Sara. I know you’re just going to love your vacation.

Thanks to everyone who entered our sweepstakes. Although you couldn’t all win, we have some great news for you about our super Cyber Monday sale, which will make it possible for you to save BIG on every Friendly Planet tour, so stay tuned. More details coming soon.

Find out who’s going on a free trip to South Africa!

It might be Monday, but I was excited to come into work today. That’s because I got to let one lucky traveler know that she’s going on a free trip to South Africa, on us! It’s been a blast to read your comments on our Facebook page about how much you love South Africa, and I’m sad to see our sweepstakes come to an end — I wish you all could win! And hopefully, some of you who have gotten a chance to learn more about this great destination will be motivated to join us on tour, even if it’s not for free.

But one lucky person will take home this amazing prize. So without further ado (drum roll please), the winner of our Win Wild South Africa Sweepstakes is …

Mary Wood from Oregon!

Congratulations, Mary! I know you and your guest will have an amazing time taking in the beauty, majesty, and adventure of South Africa. Take lots of pictures for us, and we hope you’ll share your South Africa story on the blog upon your return.

But hold on, travelers. If you didn’t win this prize, don’t lose hope! We have a very special announcement that we’ll reveal tomorrow. You never know — we just might be giving away another trip! Come back tomorrow to find out.

Announcing the winner of a free trip for two to Costa Rica

We’re settling back into our everyday routine after a weekend of fun at The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show, but we have one more piece of business we need to attend to. We collected names throughout the weekend to gift one lucky attendee a free trip for two to Costa Rica, and it’s time to announce the winner here on our blog.

We have randomly selected one winner, and the anticipation to announce the news is killing me. Drumroll please … The winner of our Captivating Costa Rica tour is Sue Dilella. Congratulations!

Sue, look out for an email from me soon with all the details on how to claim your prize. I’m sure you’ll have a blast. We’d love to feature your trip experience, and we’ll be in touch on how you can share updates and photos that we might post on our blog.

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold weather and snow to come out and see us at The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show. We had a great time, and will be sharing more takeaways from the event on our blog in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

Friendly Planet Travel Winner’s Circle: Dazzling Dubai

I’ve made seven different calls this year to a handful of lucky travelers to let them know they’ve won a free trip to a far-off destination, all because they “liked” and entered one of our sweepstakes on the Friendly Planet Travel Facebook page. But Elisa Kotin, our latest winner who will be going on a free trip for two to Dubai, might have been the most surprised of all! Listen to her reaction when I called her to let her know that she’d won on our previous post.

Once the dust settled and we let the reality of her win sink in, I asked Friendly Planet Travel blogger Caitlin to catch up with Elisa to find out a little bit more about her. As it turns out, Elisa has a true passion for traveling, and is extremely well traveled. She has been to 70 countries, and Dubai will be her 71st! Though she’s always wanted to go, Elisa has never been to Dubai — so this trip was a great match :-).

Listen to the below podcast to get a snapshot of Elisa’s life, including how she felt when she won, why she’s grateful that she won the trip from us, her favorite places she’s been, what she enjoys most about travel, and more!

Elisa, I hope you have an amazing time in Dubai, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you return!

And the winner of our ‘Be Dazzled by Dubai’ sweepstakes is …

While we’re sad to see our “Be Dazzled by Dubai” Facebook contest come to an end, we’ve really enjoyed sharing advice and information about this magical city over the past six weeks.

Today, I walked into the office with a bit of a spring in my step, eager to pick a winner for the free trip for two! We chose one winner at random, and called to let this person know they’d won. So who was on the other end of the line when I made that call?

It was Elisa Kotin from Van Nuys, California! Elisa’s reaction when she found out she won was priceless. She couldn’t have been more excited, and her reaction truly made me smile. Hit play below to hear Elisa receive the big news.

Elisa even sent us a few pictures to show us how excited she was!












Congratulations again, Elisa! From all of us here at Friendly Planet, we’re so excited for you to embark on your journey to Dubai with us. We also want to thank everyone who entered. We look forward to doing more trip giveaways in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! You never know what destination we’ll be giving away next.

Friendly Planet Travel Winner’s Circle: Taj Mahal Express

LUCKY WINNER: Stacey Foisy will go on a free trip to India!

We still have one more podcast interview to share with you from our Win the World Facebook sweepstakes. I don’t think hearing our winners tell us how it felt to get the call that they won a free trip will ever get old for me.

I asked Friendly Planet Travel blogger Caitlin to chat with Taj Mahal Express tour winner, Stacy Foisy. Stacey told us that she’s been bitten by the travel bug, and was researching other tour options on our website when she stumbled upon our Facebook giveaway. She knew she had to enter for the chance to win a free trip to India.

Listen in as Stacey describes what it was like to win, where she’s traveled to before, and what she’s most looking forward to seeing in India.


Thanks so much for sharing with us Stacey! And if you weren’t one of our six winners, I wouldn’t give up hope just yet. We might have a giveaway up our sleeves, coming soon. Stay tuned to our Friendly Planet Travel Facebook page, and you might just see a mirage in the middle of the desert!

Announcing the final winner of our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes

WORLD TRAVELER: Congratulations to
Stacey, who has won a trip to India!

Giving away free trips to travelers from all over the U.S. has been one of the most entertaining and exciting things I’ve done in Friendly Planet Travel history (and I’ve done a lot things in my 30 years since starting the company!).

But before we get to the end, we still have one more winner to announce in our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes. This lucky person will win a free trip for two to India on our Taj Mahal Express tour. So who was our last lucky winner?
It was Stacey Foisy from Oregon! Listen in as I tell her what she’s won.


Congratulations to all of our winners — Jamie, Lillian, Shari, Stephen, Laurie, and now Stacey. We’ll be speaking to each of them once they return from their trips to hear how it went, what they enjoyed most, and what exciting things they saw while abroad.

This brings our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes to a close. Awarding six all-expenses-paid tours to exotic destinations worldwide has been a fantastic experience for all of us here at Friendly Planet Travel, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as well as right here on our blog, for more giveaways in the coming months.

Do you have an idea for a future Friendly Planet giveaway that you’d love to see be brought to life? Leave a comment below with what you think we should give away next. 

The Friendly Planet Travel Winner’s Circle: A Taste of Ireland

WIN THE WORLD WINNER: Laurie Forrest is going to Ireland,
courtesy of Friendly Planet Travel!

A strange number calling you could be many things: a telemarketer, wrong number, or if you’re lucky it could be me calling to tell you that you’ve won a free trip as part of our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes. That was the case for our latest winner, Laurie Forrest, who won a free trip to Ireland.

Before I get to Laurie’s story, I want to mention that we only have one more free trip to give away. So get to our Facebook page now and enter to win — it’s your last chance! And if we reach 20,000 Facebook fans by Monday, August 6 — the last day to enter our sweepstakes — every fan of our Facebook page who has entered the contest will receive a coupon for $100 off any new trip booked with Friendly Planet.*

So, to help us reach that goal (and get a coupon for yourself), share the link to our sweepstakes on your wall. For every one of your friends who enters our sweepstakes, you’ll get an extra entry into the contest for yourself. You can also encourage your friends to enter by using the “invite friends” feature on our sweepstakes app, or by sharing our Friendly Planet Travel Facebook page using the drop-down option under our cover photo.

Now back to our Taste of Ireland winner, Laurie Forrest. I asked Friendly Planet Travel blogger Caitlin to interview Laurie about what it was like to hear that she won a free trip. Going to Ireland will be Laurie’s first trip abroad, which is perfect because she’s always wanted to travel more. It warms my heart to give this experience to a deserving individual like Laurie.

Listen in as Laurie tells us about herself, what she’s looking forward to seeing in Ireland, and who she plans on taking with her.


I look forward to calling our final winner next Tuesday, August 7. Good luck to all who have entered!

*Coupon for new bookings only. Expires 8/1/2013. Coupon is per booking and cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts, or offers.

Did you win a free trip to Ireland? Find out now!

It’s been such a whirlwind to give away four free trips to four lucky winners over the past few months. And now it’s time to add another name to the winners list. July is here, which means it’s time to announce our next Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes winner. This time, a traveler and a guest will enjoy a free trip to Ireland — the Emerald Isle!

So I picked a name, dialed a number, and Laurie Forrest picked up. That means that Laurie is the winner of our Taste of Ireland tour! Listen in to Laurie’s reaction as I tell her what she’s won — she was so excited, she stopped me mid-sentence so she could tell her husband about her prize!


With our fifth trip awarded, we only have one more trip to give to one lucky winner, and our last giveaway destination is India! Make sure you go to our Facebook page, enter to win, and let your friends know that they should enter as well. The more friends you refer that enter, the more chances you’ll get for yourself to win.

Congratulations again to Laurie, and good luck to all our other travelers who are entering to win our free trip to India!

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