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In print: Christine Gilbert is Almost Fearless

If you were struggling to hear parts of my podcast with Christine Gilbert, creator of Almost Fearless, you’re not alone. Skype enabled us to chat when she was in Colombia, but it got a little bumpy in some spots. So if you missed anything, give your ears a break and read the transcript.

Christine Gilbert is Almost Fearless as she travels the world

Almost Fearless not only describes a lot of people who want to quit their day job and travel the world, but it’s also the name of the popular travel blog penned by Christine Gilbert. It follows her journey from corporate manager to full-time traveler, writer, and mom.

Last week Christine was in Colombia, with her husband and infant son, and I was able to talk to her on Skype for a podcast. She even used to bring her two dogs, but she decided not to take them on this leg of the trip.

You might be asking, she travels with a baby? Yes, when you’re a full-time traveler! After having her baby at the beginning of the year, she got back on the the road and surprisingly she’s found traveling with her son to be fun and easier than expected.

Hit our podcast to find out what it’s like to travel with a family in tow, and where the best places are to stay if you’re taking a little one along for the ride.

We also talk about the documentary she is filming on digital nomading. Christine’s been raising money to finance it on her blog for months now. She tells me what the documentary is about and where they plan to go this year to film it.

In addition to filming documentaries, Christine also writes e-books. “A Practical Guide to Going Digital,” “30 Ways in 30 Days to Redesign Your Life and Travel the World,” and “Twitter for Travelers” are three that we dive into in the podcast.

I could go on telling you what we talked about, but there’s so much more! My best piece of advice is to click play and start listening to find out what it’s like to walk in Christine’s shoes, where she’s been so far, and what her travel advice is for those thinking about venturing around the world.

A quick note about the podcast. Since she was in Colombia on Skype, the connection is fuzzy in some parts, so the transcript will be posted shortly.