For the most memorable vacation, explore the world with your family

When it comes to international family travel, it’s amazing how times have changed. My parents never even thought of taking me on a trip overseas, and while I took my children on international trips when they were younger, I suspect it was only because I worked in the travel industry. Most of friends told me I was crazy to take my five and eight year olds “overseas.” But today, international family travel has almost become the norm, as more and more parents, children, and grandparents embark on multigenerational journeys together.

A recent AAA survey found that multigenerational travel is one of the hottest trends in the travel industry today, with about 36 percent of travelers planning to take a multigenerational trip in the next year alone. Families are seeking new ways to form life-long bonds and create lasting memories, and nothing does that better than sharing in the joy and excitement of international travel.

Here at Friendly Planet Travel, we’ve seen this trend firsthand, as more grandparents and parents continue to turn to us to help them book unforgettable family excursions. That’s why we’ve just unveiled our latest family-friendly travel packages that take families to some of the most exotic destinations in our world. Our tours visit seven countries — Costa Rica, Japan, Thailand, Kenya, Greece, South Africa, and China — at special, family-friendly departure times and rates, with discounts up to $950 for children under 12.

We help take the hassle and stress out of booking a multigenerational vacation to ensure an easy, fun, and relaxing trip that will be remembered for a lifetime by adults and kids alike. All of our tours are designed with families in mind, each specially crafted to include kid-friendly activities, engaging tour guides, flexible scheduling, and even hotels with amenities like pools and connecting rooms. Also, since our family-friendly tours parallel summer vacations, they’re the perfect summer trip for the entire family.

Imagine sharing a glass of tea with your mom in a traditional Japanese tea house, or watching your children’s eyes light up with excitement as they spot elephants and giraffes while on an authentic African safari. With our negotiated pricing, these experiences are now well within reach. We’re inviting all families to skip the usual trip to the beach, and instead travel the world together. No single experience will bring a family closer.


  1. Can you get a Friendly Planet package in Greece without the airfare?

  2. Hi Pam,
    Happy to hear you have an interest in our Greece package! Feel free to call Katherine on our reservations team at 800-555-5765 between 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. We’ll see what we can work out for you.


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