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Announcing the winner of our Exotic Malaysia & Thailand Sweepstakes

Can you believe it? It’s time to announce yet another winner of a free Friendly Planet tour! This one has to be one of my favorites: our Win Exotic Malaysia & Thailand Sweepstakes will award one lucky traveler a free trip for two on our Exotic Borneo & Bangkok tour.

Our winner will get to explore the fascinating culture, natural beauty, and unique history of these Southeast Asian destinations. Whether it’s walking the streets of Bangkok in Thailand, a bustling metropolis with to-die-for cuisine, or exploring Borneo in Malaysia, where a mosaic of indigenous tribes, intriguing history, ancient rainforests, and diverse wildlife await — trust me, this winner is lucky indeed.

Are you ready to find out who this winner is? Here it comes! The winner of our Exotic Malaysia & Thailand Sweepstakes is …

Sara Morgan from Oregon — Congratulations!

We called Sara to let her know about her prize, and she was so sweet. She loves traveling to explore different cultures and experience new things, but doesn’t get the opportunity to do so often. She’s never been to Asia, and works with some Asian species of bears in her role at a zoo, so she’s looking forward to getting to see them in person! She’ll be taking her husband on her exciting adventure to Southeast Asia!

Congratulations again, Sara. I know you’re just going to love your vacation.

Thanks to everyone who entered our sweepstakes. Although you couldn’t all win, we have some great news for you about our super Cyber Monday sale, which will make it possible for you to save BIG on every Friendly Planet tour, so stay tuned. More details coming soon.


  1. Bretkin

    Congratulations Sara! I am very happy the person who won the trip has invested interested there. It will be awesome to see the bears you work with in their natural environments. Hope you have a great time!

  2. R Klein

    Congratulations to Sara. Make sure you blog about your experience!

  3. Jean

    Congratulations Sara…I so envy you…I am certain you will have the most extraordinary experiences in Asia. I plan to get there someday too. Now wouldn’t it make it all the more special if I too could win an amazing trip from Friendly Planet! Enjoy your trip and take lots of photos.

  4. Sara Morgan

    I can’t believe that’s MY name up there! Can’t wait to share this amazing experience with my husband. Thank you friendly planet!

  5. Michelle

    Congratulations Sara – if you need someone to go with, I’m free! 🙂

    Can you tell me what the hotel is in the picture above – with the overwater bungalows? Is that available on one of your tours?

  6. Ronald L Widner

    I can carry baggage very well..XOXO

  7. Diane Zawislak

    Can’t imagine how excited I would be if I won this trip.

  8. Waymon Henry

    Congratulations to Miss Sara Morgan. Please have a good and safe trip.

  9. brent morgan

    that’s my wife!! how stoked am i?!! thanks friendly planet!!

  10. Abhinav Schamber

    Congratulations. Bangkok is a beautiful city, the sleeping Buddha is a must see. I loved my time in Thailand, I had gone there with my mother on a vacation. Have fun.

  11. Lorraine Cheli

    Congratulations, Sara. Will look forward to hearing about your adventures on this marvelous journey.

  12. Carolyn Kostelecky

    We took this amazing trip in April. It was better than best! Enjoy, Sara!

  13. congratulations on your win. spent time in Thailand in 1968 and 1969, before the building boom, in the innocent, beautiful days. Make sure you go to Pattaya, beautiful beaches.
    have a great time.

  14. Darva Dee

    Congratulations Sara!!!! So exciting!! You are such a sweetheart and totally deserve this amazing windfall.

  15. Cynthia Acuff


  16. Dave Taube

    Congratulations, Sara, and GO DUCKS!!!

  17. Monty D. Gile

    Congratz Sara!!!! Happy for you and the hubby! (jealous too!!!) Enjoy!!!

  18. Michel

    Congrat,you’ll love it.


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