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Find out who’s going on a free trip to South Africa!

It might be Monday, but I was excited to come into work today. That’s because I got to let one lucky traveler know that she’s going on a free trip to South Africa, on us! It’s been a blast to read your comments on our Facebook page about how much you love South Africa, and I’m sad to see our sweepstakes come to an end — I wish you all could win! And hopefully, some of you who have gotten a chance to learn more about this great destination will be motivated to join us on tour, even if it’s not for free.

But one lucky person will take home this amazing prize. So without further ado (drum roll please), the winner of our Win Wild South Africa Sweepstakes is …

Mary Wood from Oregon!

Congratulations, Mary! I know you and your guest will have an amazing time taking in the beauty, majesty, and adventure of South Africa. Take lots of pictures for us, and we hope you’ll share your South Africa story on the blog upon your return.

But hold on, travelers. If you didn’t win this prize, don’t lose hope! We have a very special announcement that we’ll reveal tomorrow. You never know — we just might be giving away another trip! Come back tomorrow to find out.


  1. Betsy

    Have a great trip Mary!! I hope to take my daughter someday to meet a distant cousin!! En joy!!

  2. Jenn Friedlander

    Congrats!! Trip of a lifetime 😀

  3. Cali D

    Congrats to the winner! Fingers crossed for next time!

  4. My husband (of 1 1/2 months only!) deserves a trip for the awesome marathon he ran yesterday here in Chicago!

  5. Tana Johnson

    Congratulations to Mary Wood, what I great trip to win. Africa someday to knock off another continent.

  6. Danielle Green

    Congrats Mary Wood! Hope you enjoy the adventure!!

  7. Congrats Mary! If for some reason you can’t go… I really have good reason to go!

  8. Mark Rollins

    Oregon representing! Whoop whoop. Congrats.

  9. Wanda Wilson

    Congratulations to Mary Wood !!

  10. Dan Dubiak

    Gongrats Mary, maybe you could take the politician of your choice and feed them to the lions!

  11. Deanna Jolly

    Congratulations! Enjoy. It’s still a dream for me.

  12. Mabel


  13. Paul Benson

    Congratulations! So exciting!

  14. Kathleen

    Mary have a great time. It looks like fun

  15. Terry

    enjoy the adventure!! you lucky dog

  16. Terry

    enjoy the adventure!! you lucky dog –

  17. Terry

    enjoy the adventure!! you lucky person

  18. Waymon Henry

    Congratulations to Miss Mary Wood. You are a Lucky Person.

  19. Congratulations, Mary.

    And thanks to Dan Dubiak for his insightful and appropriate solution to the present gridlock in congress!

  20. Alana

    wish we could have last year’s trip to Capetown and Dubai.

    I don’t mind Kenya, but wanted to see those 2 places. Hope FP reconsiders

    I’ll keep looking


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