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Announcing the final winner of our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes

WORLD TRAVELER: Congratulations to
Stacey, who has won a trip to India!

Giving away free trips to travelers from all over the U.S. has been one of the most entertaining and exciting things I’ve done in Friendly Planet Travel history (and I’ve done a lot things in my 30 years since starting the company!).

But before we get to the end, we still have one more winner to announce in our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes. This lucky person will win a free trip for two to India on our Taj Mahal Express tour. So who was our last lucky winner?
It was Stacey Foisy from Oregon! Listen in as I tell her what she’s won.


Congratulations to all of our winners — Jamie, Lillian, Shari, Stephen, Laurie, and now Stacey. We’ll be speaking to each of them once they return from their trips to hear how it went, what they enjoyed most, and what exciting things they saw while abroad.

This brings our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes to a close. Awarding six all-expenses-paid tours to exotic destinations worldwide has been a fantastic experience for all of us here at Friendly Planet Travel, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as well as right here on our blog, for more giveaways in the coming months.

Do you have an idea for a future Friendly Planet giveaway that you’d love to see be brought to life? Leave a comment below with what you think we should give away next. 

The Friendly Planet Travel Winner’s Circle: A Taste of Ireland

WIN THE WORLD WINNER: Laurie Forrest is going to Ireland,
courtesy of Friendly Planet Travel!

A strange number calling you could be many things: a telemarketer, wrong number, or if you’re lucky it could be me calling to tell you that you’ve won a free trip as part of our Win the World Facebook Sweepstakes. That was the case for our latest winner, Laurie Forrest, who won a free trip to Ireland.

Before I get to Laurie’s story, I want to mention that we only have one more free trip to give away. So get to our Facebook page now and enter to win — it’s your last chance! And if we reach 20,000 Facebook fans by Monday, August 6 — the last day to enter our sweepstakes — every fan of our Facebook page who has entered the contest will receive a coupon for $100 off any new trip booked with Friendly Planet.*

So, to help us reach that goal (and get a coupon for yourself), share the link to our sweepstakes on your wall. For every one of your friends who enters our sweepstakes, you’ll get an extra entry into the contest for yourself. You can also encourage your friends to enter by using the “invite friends” feature on our sweepstakes app, or by sharing our Friendly Planet Travel Facebook page using the drop-down option under our cover photo.

Now back to our Taste of Ireland winner, Laurie Forrest. I asked Friendly Planet Travel blogger Caitlin to interview Laurie about what it was like to hear that she won a free trip. Going to Ireland will be Laurie’s first trip abroad, which is perfect because she’s always wanted to travel more. It warms my heart to give this experience to a deserving individual like Laurie.

Listen in as Laurie tells us about herself, what she’s looking forward to seeing in Ireland, and who she plans on taking with her.


I look forward to calling our final winner next Tuesday, August 7. Good luck to all who have entered!

*Coupon for new bookings only. Expires 8/1/2013. Coupon is per booking and cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts, or offers.

A night in Italy at the Friendly Planet Travel Book Club

JOYFUL DISCUSSION: We chatted about “Every Day in Tuscany”
over wine and snacks 

Another inspiring Book Club meeting has come to a close, and we’d like to thank everyone who attended. It was a joy recounting Frances Mayes’ stories of fragrant gardens, warm and interesting friends, and gorgeous scenery from “Every Day in Tuscany,” her third installment of the “Tuscan Sun” series.

We recalled how entertaining it was to live vicariously through Frances’ writing as she recounts her adventures in Italy. Several attendees spoke about their own trips to Italy and how this wonderful country has touched their lives. Also discussed was our yearning desire to “pick up everything” and buy a house in another country as Mayes did, as well as the challenges that come with such a life-changing decision.

We enjoyed a lovely array of Tuscan inspired snacks, such as tomato and basil crostini, prosciutto and melon, and delicious Toscana olives, and toasted with a glass of prosecco.

After discussing Italy, we chatted about our other favorite destinations, which led to a friendly debate about the next book selection. Africa and South America were top contenders, but we’d love your input too. Let us know what you think we should read next (any destination/region will be considered). And, of course, we hope to see you at our next meeting!

Friday’s Friendly Funny: Boarding customs

Friday’s Friendly Funny by Dave Blazek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

We’ve given away six international trips and now millions in discounts — Have we lost our minds?!

SHARE TO WIN: Get coupons for
helping us reach 20,000 fans on Facebook

Since January, we’ve given away five amazing trips to exotic destinations worldwide — and we’re getting ready to give away our sixth and final trip to India. Now we’re ALSO GIVING AWAY MILLIONS in discounts. We’ve set a goal to reach 20,000 fans by August 6 (we’re only 500 fans away!). If we reach our goal, every fan of our Facebook page who has entered the contest will receive a coupon for $100 off any new trip booked with Friendly Planet.*

So, how can you help us reach our goal and get a valuable $100 discount coupon for yourself? Just share the link to our sweepstakes on your wall. For every one of your friends who enters our sweepstakes, you’ll get an extra entry into the contest for yourself, and thanks to you, we’ll be another friend closer to the 20,000. Once you’ve entered the contest, you can use the “invite friends” feature or simply share our Friendly Planet Travel page using the drop down option under our cover photo.

We’d like to thank you for your help towards reaching our goal and wish you good luck in our sweepstakes. And knowing that you love travel as much as we do, we promise to bring you more exciting giveaways, special deals, and other ways to help you see the world for less. Keep traveling, friends!

P.S. We won’t fall into a deep depression if we actually exceed our goal. 🙂

*Coupon for new bookings only. Expires 8/1/2013. Coupon is per booking and cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts, or offers.

Are you an Olympic junkie? You can still see the games in person!

GAME ON: You can still catch a flight to the Olympics!

The Olympic Games are currently in the forefront of people’s minds across the globe, including the team here at Friendly Planet. If you’ve always wanted to see the Olympics in person, it’s not too late to make the trip to London! In my latest contribution to Huffington Post, I noted that there are still flights and hotels available for travelers dying to see the Olympic Games, and at good prices too if you can believe it.

I also recently gave some tips to help maneuver airline mayhem en route to London, though they’re really applicable for any trip.

To read more on why the time is now to travel to the summer Olympic games, check out my post.

Any last-minute travelers out there planning a trip to the Olympics? Tell us your story below!

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