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Queue the music: We announce the winner of our free trip to India

Attendees entering to win our free trips at the Travel Show

My blog post asking you to check your e-mails and voicemails to see if you were the winner of Friendly Planet Travel’s free trip for two on the Taj Mahal Express worked.

Marybeth Kelman of New Jersey claimed the free trip she entered to win at The New York Times Travel show. Congrats Marybeth!

The Taj Mahal Express is one of the most amazing cultural experiences of a lifetime. Its sights, sounds, and smells are among the most phenomenal in the world. Marybeth, I hope you enjoy every second of your trip!

Head back to my previous post to find out more details about the free trip Marybeth won. And in case you missed the Travel Show, read my recap or bookmark “The New York Times Travel Show” tag to see the latest videos we’ll be posting from the show.

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