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U.S. Department of State issues travel alert for Egypt; Friendly Planet Travel suspends Egypt tours

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I just told you in an earlier post that we hoped the protests in Egypt would subside, but they have continued to escalate. Just moments ago, the U.S. Department of State issued travel alert for Egypt, warning U.S. travelers of the ongoing political and social unrest in Egypt.

As a result, Friendly Planet Travel is temporarily suspending our tours to Egypt until the situation is resolved. Travelers who are scheduled for departures before Feb. 28 (when the alert is scheduled to expire) will be notified by Friendly Planet about rescheduling, selecting another destination, or cancelling arrangements altogether. We will work with every traveler to get refunds.

Below is a message we sent to everyone who booked a tour to Egypt with us. Read on to see how we are handling this situation to ensure the safety of every traveler. I’ll continue to update you here on the blog as the situation unfolds. And if you have more questions or concerns write to me or call our offices at 1-800-555-5765.

Dear Friendly Planet Egypt Travelers,

With the recent political protests and public unrest throughout Egypt, we fully understand that you may have concerns regarding your upcoming tour. We are currently evaluating the best possible option to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for you, whether that means running the tour with an amended itinerary, providing an alternative tour to a different region during the same date range, or cancelling the tour and working with you to reschedule/possibly refund.

Traveler’s safety is always our primary concern at Friendly Planet and we will never operate a tour that we feel is unsafe. We know that a lot can change within 24 hours and we are watching the unfolding events closely while in regular contact with our trusted Land Suppliers in Egypt and we plan to make a final decision regarding your upcoming trip early next week. Once we have pursued all options and reached a decision, we will follow up with you accordingly .

If you are reading this e-mail and have already decided that you will not be traveling to Egypt regardless, we certainly respect your decision to cancel but we apologize that we cannot guarantee a full refund at this point, however we will work with all parties involved to insure the lowest possible penalties for such cancellation.

We are hopeful that the situation in Egypt resolves itself in the coming days. If so, and if it is possible to travel to Egypt safely and with confidence, you can continue with your travel plans without interruption. If safe travel is not possible, you will have all the options to cancel and you can count on us to do whatever is necessary to recover as much as possible, if not all, of your tour payments. We are your advocates, and we work for you. Please rest assured that we have your well being at heart.

We will be following the new stories all weekend, as we are sure many of you will do, and will have a better overall picture of the implications by Wednesday of next week.

As soon as further information becomes available and a final decision is made, we will e-mail you with the news.

Best Regards,

Peggy M. Goldman
[email protected]


  1. Anonymous

    What about the travelers that are in Egypt with your company right now? Are they safe and will they return home sooner?


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