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Why Delta rejected SCOTTEVEST ad

Scott Jordan, CEO and founder of SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing, has gotten a lot of attention this past week. In case you missed it, Delta Air Lines rejected an in-flight SCOTTEVEST ad that showed passengers a way to “avoid extra baggage fees,” as the ad reads. Here’s Scott’s official statement on Delta’s decision for more background.

After we spoke to Scott in a podcast two weeks ago, I fell in love with SCOTTEVEST clothing, which go a long way in solving a very common problem for travelers — carrying less bags!

When I discovered that the trademark vest could eliminate a carry-on bag, I was thrilled because I normally lug a large tote bag with my purse onto the plane so I can have with me all the things I need.

But I’m not surprised that Delta rejected the SCOTTEVEST ad. Dear friends, in my humble opinion, the airlines want you to over pack because the fees they charge obviously boost profits. I find it amazing that consumers who rely on air travel on a regular basis haven’t launched a major protest on precisely this subject.

Delta should be ashamed to reject an ad for a product that reduces the amount of bags on flight. Less luggage would help reduce cost and save fuel. But there in lies the rub. Fuel is a key way airlines drive up ticket prices. Just check out the fuel surcharge you pay on every single ticket.

I can tell you that in some cases, $300 to $500 and even more, is added by carriers for fuel. They claim they need these surcharges to pay for the higher fuel prices of today. But at the same time, they reject advertising an article of clothing that would actually save fuel costs. Hard to understand, don’t you agree?

The list of fees like this is growing all the time. Have you had to pay for an aisle seat yet? Have you had to pay for a seat that is in the front rather than toward the back of the plane? There is no limit to these fees, because the airlines have enormous leverage and operate with near impunity.

Thus, we are absolutely unprotected, as consumers, from this very big, unfriendly industry. Airlines notwithstanding, consumers do have a limit to their patience. When that limit is reached, I will be glad to carry a poster and stand at the front of the anti-fee parade!

In the meantime, I can assure you that SCOTTEVEST and any other consumer product that can help a traveler save money and travel more comfortably will be at the top of my recommendation list.

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