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Taste of Thailand wins over a Citizen-Times local

Recently, the only news you hear on Thailand is about the political protests that are unfolding. Thailand is normally a very peaceful country, and it saddens me that these protests are disrupting tourism.

When I found this article in the Citizen-Times, called “Amazing Thailand,” my sadness started to disappear. Dottie Trantham wrote a beautiful account of her Taste of Thailand tour for her local paper. It was simply wonderful.

Dottie captured the essence of travel in Thailand perfectly. Life in Thailand moves at a different pace, unless you’re trying to defy the raging river that is Bangkok traffic.

Otherwise, one could easily become addicted to the kind, smiling faces of the people. And let’s not leave out the lovely flowers everywhere (orchids galore), the delicious food, and the fascinating sights and sounds of this amazing country.

I wanted to thank her for taking the time to record her experiences. Read her full account, she doesn’t leave a detail out. Dottie, your article reminded me that I need to get back to Thailand A.S.A.P.

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