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Customer testimonial: Peering into the Pyramids and Petra

I can tell you day in and day out about how wonderful our tours are, with our exotic destinations, superior accommodations, plentiful perks, and eye-popping low prices that I work so hard to bring you.

But I’d rather let the tours speak for themselves. To do that, you have to take one. Or you can experience the next-best thing: an actual testimonial from one of our travelers.

Last week I received the following unsolicited e-mail from Nikky Chahon, who just returned from our Pyramids and Petra tour. Here’s what Nikky wrote, in its entirety, corrected only for typos. And remember: This could be you!

“This was the BEST!!! I went on this tour in 2009 and it remains one of the highlights of my travel excursions! Not only is it affordable, our guide, Walid Ikram was so knowledgeable and approachable, I felt as though I was living in the spirit of Egyptians past! I continue to read any thing I can get my hands on and found an article that other antiquities were found in the exact places I had walked in Giza! Just inches under the sand. It was the most incredible sensation. I would/will do this travel again in the near future. It is well worth the time and the experience is unforgettable!” – Nikky Chahon, Sacramento, Calif.

Thanks for the note, Nikky.

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