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Ten days on Kenya’s incredible wildlife safari for $2,999

FP_Kenya.jpgI’ve come across so many travelers who have always had Kenya and Tanzania at the top of their lists of dream destinations, and for very good reason. Both countries are blessed with an abundance of spectacular wildlife and lavishly gorgeous, incredibly photogenic landscapes.

Everywhere you go, from the teeming cities to the plains of the Masai Mara, people are friendly and welcoming. Every day life in Kenya is a powerful image of juxtaposition. Imagine traditional tribe members mingling with urban families at a market, bustling cities that give way to rolling grasslands, and white-glove service where the basics of running water and electricity are scarce.

Wildlife safaris have been the bread and butter of Kenya’s tourism for decades, and several Kenyan parks are among the best places in Africa to see lions, elephants, leopards, and the breath-taking wildebeest migration. And for the bird watching enthusiasts, Kenya rates as one of the top five bird-watching destinations in the world.


With more than 50 parks to choose from in Kenya alone, and almost 25 percent of Tanzania’s lands protected as nature reserves, it’s hard to decide where to go. But Africa travel experts agree that the Masai Mara and Samburu parks in Kenya and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania are must-see sites.


That’s why we’ve designed our 10-day Kenya Wildlife Safari plus optional Tanzania Extension around these culturally significant and awe-inspiring natural destinations, and so much more! And like all Friendly Planet tours, you’ll enjoy the best of Kenya and Tanzania at prices that are as amazing as the countries themselves. At $2,999, you won’t find a deal anywhere else that offers all the luxuries and experiences as this tour.

You’ll find the full itinerary and all the details on our Kenya Wildlife Safari, plus optional Tanzania extension page on the Friendly Planet Travel Web site.

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