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The five most important things to pack in your carry on bag


Everyone has their own packing preferences. Clothes folded or rolled, shoes on top or on the bottom, duffel bag or rolling suit case. But no matter how you prefer to pack your bags, there are certain contents that should be inside them, no matter what.

If you travel often (especially internationally), you know a properly packed carry on bag can make a big difference that could have lasting effects on your entire trip. On the Examiner today, I put together my list of five things that should always be inside your carry on bag. Head on over and have a look!  


  1. For many years I have traveled extensively including several trips with FriendlyPlanet and I have done it with one carry-on bag. Traveling with one carry-on bag gives you tremendous freedom and you still have everything you need. For details, see

  2. Great post. Its amazing that everything you need can fit into 1 carry-on bag. And it really works for those who dont believe it!