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Customer testimonial: Friendly Planet Travel does it right

There’s nothing like being greeted by a little good news as you get ready for vacation. A customer testimonial came in recently that had me smiling from ear to ear.

"Friendly Planet does it right and does it well. A sure-fired way to get me back as a customer is to keep on doing what you’re doing. Your focus is on the traveler, your service is very responsive and your prices are very reasonable. The real advantage to a novice traveler, such as myself, comes from having experts who take the hassle and the fear of the unknown (new countries) and the guided tours are well organized and very instructive. Overall, Friendly Planet is a one of the best, if not the best, travel agency that I will revisit again and again."

 — Dana Davis, Wyncote, PA

Thanks, Dana! We WILL keep doing what we’re doing. As for the vacation part, I’m off to Europe for the next two weeks! But don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you updated with our regular Friendly Planet Travel news, as well as what’s happening on my side of the world. So stay tuned for pictures and stories from Gran Paris and beyond!

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