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Travel tweeting and the twitterers worth tweeting with, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

As New York Times travel columnist Michelle Higgins wrote, whether you’re on the Twitter bus or off, there’s no denying that companies are taking notice of what is being tweeted about them, and — especially when it comes to travel — that could benefit you in a big way.
Indeed, travelers around the world have jumped on board Twitter as a means to share their experiences, air their grievances, and give and take travel advice. So I was excited to see that last week, The San Francisco Chronicle listed their top choices for travel tweeters that we travel fiends should be following.
What the article didn’t mention however, was some of the great ways travelers can unlock the power of Twitter, beyond simply hitting the “follow” button. So I left a comment with a few of the tips I’ve learned throughout my own travel-tweeting process. I hope you find them as helpful as I did!

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