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Dancing Flight attendants and Lady Gaga give airlines a takeaway

I might not listen to her music, but I have to admit, Lady Gaga is a powerhouse. She has over 19 million fans on Facebook and has over 6 million followers on Twitter. When I saw these stats, it made me wish I could become the Lady Gaga of the travel industry. :)

Of course I realize that I couldn’t pull off any of her outrageous outfits or hit any of her high notes, but I would love to have even a quarter of her followers online! I know I’ve set my goal kind of high, but you have to reach for something, right?

So when I saw that her song “Just Dance” provided part of the soundtrack to the Cebu Pacific Airlines dancing flight attendants video, well, it made me want to create our own video. Maybe of the Friendly Planet dancing travel agents, and show those flight attendants how it’s done — Friendly Planet style!

Although the video is staged, I think airlines could glean some insight from it. Nothing wrong with spicing up the presentation of the safety rules a little bit! And definitely nothing wrong with injecting a little bit of fun into what has become the worst part of any trip — the flight.

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